Liquid Silicone Injection Molding

Liquid Silicone Injection Molding


Liquid Silicone Injection Molding ( LIM ) is one of many types of molding services that we offer. Jefferson Runner is renowned for our for high precision, close tolerance molding services and manufactures silicone injection molding parts to these same demanding standards.


What is Liquid Injection Molding?

Liquid silicone injection molding, also known as LIM, is similar to transfer molding. However with LIM, the silicone rubber material is forced through an injection nozzle and is injected into the mold cavity. The silicone rubber the cures under heat and pressure. The silicone rubber part is then ejected from the cavity and the LIM molding cycle repeats.

Liquid silicone has a low viscosity and if tooling is not precise then  flash may occur and the parts do not come cleanly out of the mold.

The process applied for molding Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) and is suitable for relatively small parts with high annual volume needs. This material allows for very short cycle times which makes for an ideal candidate for two shot molding with plastic material.

Liquid silicone rubber parts may also be biocompatible and fit very well for products that have contact with the skin.  LSR parts are used in many applications including automotive, food, medical and the appliance markets. Typical product types include seals, gaskets, valves and cables.liquid silicone injection molding

Liquid Injection Molding Advantages

Liquid Silicone Injection Molding of liquid silicone rubber has the following advantages


  • LIM is quicker  than compression/ transfer molding
  • Little waste in the process
  • Minimal out-gassing after curing
  • May cure in as short a time as half a minute


When you work with Jefferson Rubber you can rely on quality Liquid injection molding production from the design and manufacture of your free design review to final finishing and assembly. LIM  is our specialty, and we have the capability to provide parts design, prototyping, production, finishing, and assembly, so you don’t have to work with multiple companies–JRW is your one stop resource for all your liquid injection molding requirements

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