High Quality Custom Molded Rubber Products


Jefferson Rubber Works, Inc. uses state-of-the-art injection molding technology to manufacture custom injection molded rubber parts. Whether you need window closeouts for automotive industry applications, water tank and expansion tank diaphragms used in the hydronics industry, or laproscopic seals for use in medical applications, Jefferson Rubber Works can produce your custom molded rubber parts. There’s no need to work with multiple rubber parts manufacturers. Jefferson Rubber Works is your one stop resource for all your rubber injection moulding needs.

Jefferson Rubber Works sets itself apart from other rubber injection molding companies because we offer:

    • Over 30 years of rubber molding experience
    • Parts manufacturing using custom molding processes
    • The latest molding equipment
    • Applicable plastic technology to replace aging compression and transfer molding methods
    • Free design review to demonstrate our technological expertise

Jefferson Rubber Works’ injection molding machines range from 20 to 750 tons, and we utilize a computer station with SPC software and online measuring capability. Our dedication to quality allows us to provide you with higher quality parts since we continually seek ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs. For the highest quality on large production runs, you can count on Jefferson Rubber Works for all your rubber molding needs.


Rubber Terminology

As an engineering material, elastomers offer elasticity and flexibility, toughness which provides wear, cut and abrasion resistance, physical strength, relative impermeability to liquids and gases, and oil and fuel resistance. […]


Material Specifications

SUMMARY OF RMA DRAWING DESIGNATIONS Dimensional Tolerances (Tables 2-5) Relative Dimensions Finish (Table 6) Flash Extension (Table 7) Bonding (Specify Grade and Method on B1 and B2) (Tables 8 & 9) […]


General Considerations

You can select from a broad choice of materials that will provide the compound best suited to your product application. Some examples are: NEOPRENE All purpose outdoor-indoor synthetic rubber resistant […]


Design Engineers Guide

NR – NATURAL NBR – NITRILE EPDM – ETHYLENE PROPYLENE Good low temperature properties and long flex life. High resilience, elongation and tensile strength, and wide hardness range. Poor resistance […]