Custom Rubber Products Made in USA

custom rubber made in usa

Over 80% of all products manufactured today by Jefferson Rubber Works are manufactured in the United States in our Worcester, Massachusetts manufacturing facility. For highly competitive products and projects, we utilize strategic partners around the globe to deliver your products on-time and on budget.

Since 1975 JRW has manufactured custom molded rubber parts with unparalleled accuracy JRW’s state-of-the-art custom injection molding processes, the latest equipment, and a highly trained staff with years of rubber molding experience ensure that your parts meet your exacting requirements and allows us to be competitive in a worldwide market.

Looking for a US based manufacturer that can deliver a competitively priced quality custom rubber product  on time? Tired of surprises from dealing with late deliveries and inferior product from China? Jefferson Rubber is your answer. Companies such as RuffDawg have their  Pet Toys Made in the USA by Jefferson Rubber.

As America’s choice for quality rubber products manufactured in the United States,  look to JRW  for your source of domestically produced rubber goods including

Custom Rubber Products Made in the USA

Liquid Silicone Rubber Products Manufactured in the USA

Thermoplastic Elastomer Products  Manufactured in the USA

Rubber Bellows Made in the USA

Rubber Grommets Made in the USA


Increasing numbers of US-based manufacturing businesses are planning to “reshore” production from China back to the US, according to a recent survey.

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) said 54% of US-based manufacturing executives at companies with sales greater than US$1bn were either planning to bring back production to the US from China, or were actively considering it, up from 37% in February 2012.

If you are one of the 54%, Jefferson Rubber can assist you with your rubber molding based in the United States.


More Information

For more information on how we can help your  reshoring efforts and provide you with quality American made rubber products, please contact our sales and customer service departments to assist you with all of your rubber molding requirements. Call us at 508-791-3600.

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